Deciding to buy a new home, build a new home or refinance your existing mortgage are some of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. These decisions should not be taken lightly. You can trust Getz Mortgage, Inc. to find the best mortgage for your specific financial situation – possibly saving you thousands of dollars through the life of your loan. The mortgage process is complex and sometimes scary. You don’t get a mortgage every day and there are lots of terms you don’t understand. Maybe the numbers don’t make sense. You looked on the internet and called an 800 number and talked to somebody. Everything is still fuzzy and is something missing? Are you still not comfortable and don’t know what to do?

Should you go to your bank and credit union? Your bank or credit union will only have a few loan programs. They may not have a local person that you can meet with face-to-face. If they have somebody you can meet with, how experienced are they? Are they a branch manager that doesn’t specialize in mortgages? Rates and Fees? Maybe they are great . . . but maybe not. You have another option – Getz Mortgage!

A mortgage broker works on your behalf to make your home ownership dreams come true. Getz Mortgage will gather your financial information and determine what lender has the best rate and loan program for your specific situation. Getz Mortgage has access to numerous lenders and dozens of loan programs to make sure every possible scenario is explored. After completing a formal application, your loan will be approved and funded by our investor partner based on their lending guidelines.

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So, you may be wondering, “Should I trust this important financial decision to a Mortgage Broker?”


Jesse Getz and his combination of education, experience and knowledge will make sure you have a great transaction! Face-to-Face appointments and over 25 years of experience beats inexperienced loan officers on an 800 phone number or random website every day of the week!


Getz Mortgage, Inc. has dozens of loan programs from a variety of lenders that can be customized to fit your unique financial situation. Custom solutions are available whether you are buying, refinancing or building your dream home!


Getz Mortgage will provide you with great rates and low fees! You will often pay hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars less than a bank for your loan.


Your loan will close faster and with less hassles with a small, nimble mortgage broker compared to the dozens of people that need to approve your loan at larger lenders.

Are you ready for a different mortgage experience?

Call Jesse and Getz Mortgage today for a free appointment to discuss your situation!