After decades of guiding people just like you through the homebuying and mortgage process, we compiled a list of 10 tips to make your journey easier:

We encourage you to spend some time thinking about the money you have available and your monthly budget. How much can you afford each month? How much money you are comfortable spending on your new home? Based on your answers, we will work with you to answer the big question – “How much house can I afford?”.
We strongly believe you should work with a real estate agent. During your initial conversations, you should talk about and decide what characteristics are important during your house hunt.  This should include things like location, style, rural or urban, bedrooms, bathrooms, yard, parking, amenities, etc.  Need a real estate agent?  We would be happy to suggest a great one for you!
During the home buying process, you will have the option of getting a home inspection. We strongly encourage home inspections.  You will learn a lot about your new house and they help to avoid a potential financial disaster by buying the wrong house!  Need a home inspector?  We would be happy to suggest a great one for you!
From the moment you start thinking about buying a new home, make sure you pay all of your bills on time! A late payment or a new collection account on your credit report could ruin your credit score! 
Thinking about buying a new car? Thinking about opening a new credit card? Consider new credit carefully!  Any new debt may dramatically reduce the amount of house you can buy.  Always give us a call to chat about new debt before signing the paperwork!
One of the biggest enemies of a smooth mortgage transaction is cash deposits and bank transfers. You may be required to document every non-payroll deposit that goes into your bank account.  Give us a call to chat about the specific details of your situation.
Consider job changes carefully! A big factor in your successful journey to a new home is the consistency and stability of your income.  If you are considering a job change, give us a call to chat about the details.
Gather your financial information and be prepared to update it during the mortgage process. We have some great technology that makes it easy to send everything to us in a secure and private way!  Are you more comfortable meeting face-to-face?  Give us a call for an appointment!
Be careful of scams. During the mortgage and homebuying process, you may receive phone calls, emails and letters from people who want to steal your money or identity. If you get something that looks suspicious, give us a call to chat and we can let you know if it is legitimate. 
The homebuying and mortgage process can be overwhelming and confusing but it can be very exciting and rewarding. Don’t be afraid to call us with your questions! Want to meet face-to-face? Give us a call to setup a meeting in our office!

Give us a call at 570-331-2000 to see how we can make your new home dreams come true!